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Virtual reality has the potential to revolutionise the health and fitness sector, increase engagement and participation and expand the market for the fitness industry.

Web 3.0 is here. Heralded by the successful implementation of decentralised networks (blockchains), increasing interest in NFTs, advances in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Read More

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The Fitness Metaverse is a large area within the Sandbox which has the potential to revolutionise the health and fitness sector

Treadmill Dumbbell


Non fungible tokens, known as NFTs are digital assets which use the ledger technology of blockchain to prove authenticity and ownership.

In the same way that blockchains act as a ledger for the transactions that take place on them, blockchains can also irrefutably record digital asset ownership. Read More


DOSE is the fungible token of purchase, utility and action and is at the centre of the OliveX gamified fitness ecosystem. DOSE tokens are awarded to players who complete workout-based games in the Sandbox, such as Dustland Runner, Dustland Cyclist, 22 Pushups and other experiences.

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