The Fitness Metaverse

As physical reality collides with digital worlds, the Metaverse is a virtual and social shared space.

With games such as Fortnite acting as a blueprint, and fitness streaming / connected fitness now somewhat of the norm, the Fitness Metaverse for some, might not sound too revolutionary but don't be fooled…this is the most radical and exciting game-changing opportunities the fitness sector has seen – ever.

For years, the sector has been trying to find solutions and interventions, which can provide expert coaching, building social connections through communities and driving adherence. The launch of the Fitness Metaverse could open a whole new opportunity for brands to do just this.

Thanks to its strategic partnership with global giant Animoca Brands, OliveX has the ability to leverage existing metaverses such as the Sandbox to make a fully interoperable fitness gaming ecosystem Gamified Fitness.

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Benefits of Joining the Metaverse

In a world dominated by the intangible digital aspects of life, the Metaverse now provides forward-thinking brands the opportunity to tailor their internet and digital communication presence towards a more immersive digital realm that reduces the boundaries between the physical world and the virtual world.

The core advantage of the Fitness Metaverse is the identification and expansion of applications that can potentially revolutionise the way in which the internet and digital platforms can be utilised to improve physical activity, engage new audiences and promote a healthier lifestyle.

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Digitally engaging method for improved physical activity
Removal of key physical barriers to entry - e.g. no commuting, available in own time, distance to travel to sessions, etc.
Access to global users - no geographical barriers or need for physical space
Expansion of brand and activity into everyday routine for users
Reduced geographical barriers for socialisation
Improved communication skills through shared gameplay
Enhanced sense of inclusion through 3D, immersive presence
Enhanced accessibility for physically impaired or disabled users
Stress-free / worry-free access for those less experienced or more body conscious

…and that's not all. The opportunities and benefits of the metaverse are endless and still not yet fully realised. We’re on the cusp of something truly revolutionary and we’d love to take you on the journey to a fitter, happier and healthier society.

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